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Septic Tank Inspections Based in Wilson, NC

Knowing the Septic System in Detail

Simple as a septic system may seem, evaluating its health really requires an expert, not someone that just glances at the system while he is there pumping the tank. Hiring a licensed inspector who has received formal training in the science of septic systems and governed by the state will ensure you get the knowledge you need about your system.

Septic inspections are a great solution if you are having more than normal maintenance concerns to explore and understand your entire system and identify any problem areas or areas of concern.
Septic inspections are also very important in the due diligence stage when in the process of purchasing a home with an existing septic system, providing insight in the health of the system.

Hole for septic system


For those that are buying or selling a home, a thorough inspection is necessary just as any home inspection prior to closing. If the system is not functioning, you could be looking at a $5-40K+ project after your purchase, so knowing the condition of the system is extremely important.

Our licensed Wilson septic tank inspector performs and provides:

  • Full inspection of the emptied septic tank and tank baffle; septic pumping is required and included for all inspections
  • Location, capacity and layout of the tank and pump tanks if present
  • Distribution box location and excavated if needed
  • Drain field marking and inspection
  • A detailed report will identify and record the findings, written and visual records are included
  • Identify adverse operations and any environmental concerns
  • Whether or not the system meets design, performance, and regulatory requirements

Don’t get caught with an expensive repair! Replacing a septic system can be an unexpected expense. Hiring a certified inspector to provide a quality septic tank inspection in Wilson and throughout Eastern North Carolina will ensure the entire septic system has been located and components evaluated.

Let us be the team you turn to for septic tank inspections in Wilson! Call us at (252) 262-2708 or contact online to schedule your septic service.

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