Breathe Life Into Your Septic System

Restore the life of your drain field with our aerobic remediation that reverses drain field clogging caused by biomat in soil pores.

This septic system accessory will provide a noninvasive solution by which oxygen and bacteria are introduced, circulates and inoculates the contents in the septic chamber. The effluent that leaves the tank distributed to the drain field contains the cleaner effluent and the bacteria migrates to the soil pores where the reversal occurs.

Rejuvenation takes an average of two to three months depending on the extent of the failure.

If you believe your drain field is failing, or you want to protect your current investment, call us today for a septic system inspection, where we will analyze and evaluate your system to see if this application will work for you.


  • Fits into existing septic tanks
  • No landscape destruction
  • Repairs failed septic drain fields
  • Eliminates odors
  • Low cost, uses the same energy as a 60 watt light bulb