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At Creech's Plumbing, a full-service septic company based in Wilson, we have over 30 years of experience in the septic and grease trap industry. When you require services for your septic system, we will act quickly and provide a high-quality solution that gets rid of your waste and keeps your system in exceptional condition. We are ready to dispatch our 4000-gallon truck to your residential or commercial property and provide service that is second to none!

When you require septic services in Wilson and throughout Eastern North Carolina, call the pros at (252) 262-2708 or contact us online.

All the Services You Need for Your Septic Onsite Wastewater System

Our expert technicians offer a variety of septic services, including:

  • Septic pumping: If you have noticed wastewater backing up inside your home, gurgling noises coming from your drains, or strong sewage odors out on your lawn, it might be time for a septic tank service. A septic tank is designed to function properly when maintained regularly and pumped every three to five years. We have the necessary equipment to safely and effectively remove the accumulated sludge. Keeping up with routine septic tank cleaning is crucial to prevent permanent damage and costly repair.

  • Septic repair and installation: Whether you are building a new home or require repairs for your existing septic tank, Creech's is equipped to provide multiple design and solution options that fits your needs. Repairs require a thorough analysis of what is causing the system to fail, and then apply the right application for the repairs needed. Owner Stacy Creech is a Level IV Installer, the most advanced certification for the industry, and has a variety of solutions for all types of repair options, including drain field restoration, aeration, hydro-jetting, remediation, root treatment, and much more. Design services and innovation alternatives for less than ideal lot conditions are available as well.

  • Septic inspections: Whether you are purchasing a new home or want to make sure your septic tank is fully operational, a full septic inspection will provide you the detailed report and analysis of the entire septic system. Simple as a septic system may seem, evaluating its health really requires an expert. Hiring a licensed inspector who has received formal training in the science of septic systems and governed by the state will ensure you get the knowledge you need about your system. Have a septic permit? Contact us for a FREE estimate!

  • Drain field restoration: Drain field failures do not always result in total replacement. Depending on the soil and various other variables to your system, the drain field can be restored with a variety of options so that you do not have to abandon the drain field and use the only repair area you have left to your system. We can safely and effectively open the pathways in the drain field so that the septic fluids can freely flow once again.

  • Commercial projects: At Creech's, we proudly work alongside general contractors and engineers to deliver excavation and installation services for large capacity septic systems (LCSS). We provide onsite wastewater construction and project management and continuously collaborate with engineers, regulators, and manufacturer representatives to ensure proper design and on-time delivery.

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