Revive Your Failing Septic Drain Field

Revolutionize Your Septic System: Discover Creech's Innovative Drain Field Restoration with EarthBuster Technology

When a septic drain field fails, it can often be attributed to soil compaction and clogging, hindering the proper breakdown and dispersal of septic waste. These issues prevent septic system fluids from draining as they should, causing drain field failures. At Creech's, we offer a revolutionary septic service that can breathe new life into your failing drain field without the need for a costly and disruptive overhaul. Our solution involves the use of the EarthBuster Deep Soil Decompactor machine, a state-of-the-art soil shaker machine designed to open pathways under your lawn in the drain field. This process ensures that your septic system fluids can flow freely again, leaching out and away from your system.

How Does the Septic Drain Field Restoration Work?

Our drain field restoration process introduces controlled-depth compressed air around the drain field. This effectively dislodges excess sewer biomat adhering to the drainage area's walls and loosens the material within the absorption soil, allowing it to disperse and evaporate as intended. Furthermore, the process infuses oxygen into the system, creating a conducive environment for the beneficial bacteria responsible for breaking down biomaterial, thus promoting a healthier septic system.

Signs Your Septic System Needs Attention:

If you're experiencing any of the following signs of septic tank problems, it's time to consider our restoration service:

  • Wet or soggy soil over your drain field
  • Foul odors around your drain field
  • Sewage backing up or overflowing into your house, even after consistent septic pumpings
  • Black or dark gray ooze from the surface of your drain field

Opt for our restoration process to rejuvenate your existing septic system with minimal property disruption. Unlike the extensive and costly process of installing a completely new system, which requires tearing up your yard and landscaping, our drain field restoration offers a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution. It effectively de-compacts absorption soil, eliminates biomat build-up, and safely aerates your drain field, ensuring rapid results while preserving the beauty of your lawn and landscaping.

To determine if your failing drain field is a candidate for restoration, reach out to us and schedule a site and septic evaluation. Some companies may advise drain field replacement without considering restoration options, potentially costing you thousands of unnecessary dollars. At Creech's, we're committed to exploring all available options to provide you with top-notch septic solutions that maximize your investment. Don't let septic system issues drain your wallet—choose to have your septic system evaluated today by the septic experts at Creech’s.