Providing a Crucial Infrastructure Component for Raven Rock State Park’s New Campground

Creech's Plumbing & Septic, based in Wilson, N.C., played a pivotal role in the development of Raven Rock State Park's new Moccasin Branch Campground. This project was part of North Carolina's initiative to enhance outdoor recreational opportunities, particularly camping, across the state. Despite facing challenges such as a tight deadline and unpredictable weather during hurricane season, Creech's Plumbing worked alongside Shoaf Precast to install a robust septic system for the campground. The project utilized precast concrete tanks, chosen for their durability and reliability. Logistics, including navigating a narrow park ranger road and complying with park regulations, added complexity but were managed effectively. Despite these hurdles, the project was completed within the specified timeframe, showcasing the successful collaboration and expertise of all involved parties. Creech's Plumbing's attention to detail and strategic planning ensured the project's success, providing a crucial infrastructure component for Raven Rock State Park's new campground.

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