Creech’s Plumbing Is Closing In on 50 Years as a Family Business

50 Years as a Family Business

In Wilson, North Carolina, Stacy Creech, owner of Creech’s Plumbing, turned the economic downturn of 2009-10 into an opportunity for growth by diversifying his business. Recognizing the need to adapt, Creech expanded his services beyond plumbing to include septic system installations and inspections, drain field revitalization, septic tank pumping, drain cleaning, trenchless pipe rehabilitation, and portable restroom rentals. This shift not only ensured a steady flow of work but also eased the physical demands of plumbing as Creech got older. Today, the company's revenue is predominantly generated from septic-related work, followed by plumbing and portable restrooms. Creech’s keen eye for market needs and willingness to invest in top-notch equipment, such as vacuum trucks, excavators, and pipe-bursting technology, has solidified the company's reputation as a reliable, one-stop shop for customers. Continual adaptation to industry trends, dedication to employee training, and preparation for economic uncertainties are key factors driving Creech’s success. With an eye on the future, he aims to pass on a thriving business to his son, Hunter, while remaining cautiously optimistic about the industry's longevity and growth prospects.

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