A Huge Layout and Sketchy Weather Made an RV Campground a Logistical Challenge

RV Campground

Creech’s Plumbing played a pivotal role in the expansion of Raven Rock State Park in North Carolina, overseeing the installation of a sophisticated wastewater system to accommodate the new campsites and facilities. Working alongside Allen Grading Co. and other professionals, Stacy Creech, the owner of Creech’s Plumbing, navigated challenges such as distance, logistics, and weather to ensure the project's success. Despite initial hesitations from local installers due to the project's complexity, Creech's team managed the largest system they had tackled to date, employing innovative solutions like substituting Infiltrator chambers and utilizing advanced technology for precise measurements. The installation process, spanning several months and demanding meticulous attention to detail, culminated in a functional system that required remote monitoring for optimal performance. Creech's dedication to completing the project efficiently and overcoming obstacles highlights the importance of skilled professionals in such ambitious undertakings, ensuring that the park's facilities operate smoothly under licensed maintenance.

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