Classy Truck of the Year: Stacy Creech Worked With a Local Builder to Design a Do-It-All Septic Rig

classy truck of the year

Stacy Creech's plumbing business has come a long way since his parents bought their first septic service truck back in 1987. Fast forward to 2023, and Creech's Plumbing boasts a cutting-edge rig, the 2023 Kenworth T880S, named Classy Truck of the Year. This $354,000 powerhouse, equipped with a 4,500-gallon waste/250-gallon freshwater steel tank and National Vacuum Equipment blower, represents a significant leap in capabilities compared to their earlier vehicles. Creech credits his wife's marketing insights for the truck's eye-catching design, seeing it as a moving billboard that reinforces their brand identity. Beyond aesthetics, the truck packs a punch with features like air-ride, a jetter and washdown system, and a remote-control setup, reflecting Creech's commitment to comprehensive service rather than mere pumping. Collaborating closely with Integrity Tank, Creech emphasizes custom-built solutions tailored to their specific needs, from choosing Kenworth for comfort and consistency across their fleet to adopting blower technology for efficiency and cleanliness. He also underscores the importance of maintaining a pristine appearance, believing that a clean truck signals reliability and professionalism to customers. As Creech contemplates the future of his business, potentially passing the torch to his son Hunter, one thing remains clear—Creech's Plumbing is driving forward with innovation and a commitment to quality service.

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